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    Monday, January 15th, 2007
    January 15th
    It's about the music people!

    I really hate it when people like bands just because it's "cool" to like that band or one of the members is "hot." That's just moronic, to put it politely. You should like a band for the music they create, not who's in the band. That's my standpoint, and I will back it up 100%.

     For example, I don't really like Green Day. I know, I know: shoot me now. But honestly, I can only take listening to it for so long before their sound just starts to grate on my ears. That's just how it is. I'm not going to go around listening to their music and pretending to like it just because Green Day is super-huge and really popular among a lot (but not all) people. 

    Another example: 
    Paramore just released photos from one of their photo shoots. I've been hearing (and reading) about a lot of people making fun of the clothes Paramore is wearing or how they have their hair styled. FYI, as of right now, Paramore doesn't have a clothes or hair stylist. They dress their self, and that's a fact. The band said it them self. I have to give props to all of the Paramore fans who stood up for the band and said that you should like Paramore because of their music and not care what they wear or how they look, and ended up getting ganged up on on the message boards. Those are true fans who aren't afraid to be shot down for what they believe.

    I was surfing through the Fueled By Ramen website, and I found this journal entry from Shaant of Cute Is What We Aim For:
    1/10/2007 - 10:15 AM EST

    how do you all want me to be?

    how shall i cut my hair?
    should i get plastic surgery?
    is there anything else you think i need?

    its music.

    i am well aware that i am not easy on the eyes..and it seems you're so certain as to how i should be.
    then please.

    guide my sub par self to where the light shines bright..

    - shaant

    I already like Cute Is What We Aim For, but they seem just that much better to me because they back up something I believe strongly in. 

    Seriously people, bands are about the music, not the fashion. Like a band for the music that they make. If they're good people, then that's just a bonus.

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    Monday, January 8th, 2007
    January 8th
    I'm a little out there tonight.
    Just one more quick thing before I sign off for tonight: I BOUGHT A GUITAR!!! I'm so stoked. And get this: I can almost play most of Paramore's "Emergency." I'm excited. Anyone know any good online instruction websites? Lessons are WAY to expensive, so I'm going to try to teach myself.

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    January 8th
    Wow, am I lazy!
    I haven't updated on here at all lately and I feel really bad. I guess I just got really lazy, but don't worry, I'll work on some new post topics. Also,  if you're reading any of my posts, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment. I'd just like to know I'm not just posting for my own good on here.

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    Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
    December 23rd
    Driver Side Impact
    Finally! A band from Cleveland gets signed to a notable record label! In this case, the band is Driver Side Impact and the record label is Victory Records. I'm definitely making these guys my home town heroes. Ok, so I don't live exaclty in Cleveland, but pretty near. It's the thought that counts. 

    I just love their music. It's a pretty cool mix of emo, screamo, and alternative rock. They definitely live up to the "indie" label. 

    Check them out at their MySpace page or their Purevolume site.



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    Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
    November 22nd
    Ok, I can deal with this!
    I watched Fall Out Boy perform "This Ain't a City, It's an Arms Race" at the American Music Awards on TV tonight. When I first the song, it was like: "Who the f*** is singing/playing this?" But now that I've seen performed live on TV, I'm saying: "OK, so this is still Fall Out Boy, just with a new bit of spin." This, I can handle now.

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    Monday, November 20th, 2006
    November 20th
    Oh Jeez
    So I just listened to Fall Out Boy's new single "It's Not Not a Scene, It's an Arms Race." I'm not really too sure of what to think yet. It didn't give me emotional zaps like "Carpal Tunnel of Love". I just don't know. The sound is totally off the wall from your normal Fall Out Boy. Obviously, they've really been rethinking their sound. It doesn't sound bad, it's just...too far from what Fall Out Boy is. The lyrics are totally pinned on Pete's normal insanity, but it sounds like they sold out just a little on their music. I honestly don't know...

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    Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
    November 14th
    New FOB!!!
    So one of Fall Out Boy's new songs from their upcoming album leaked onto It is amazing. It totally tops EVERYTHING Fall Out Boy has done by a mile and a half. The song is called "Carpal Tunnel of Love." You need to go listen to it right now. The new album drops Febuary 6th, 2007. I am so excited.

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    Friday, November 10th, 2006
    November 10th
    What else can I do?
    So I've totally learned that I suck at interviewing and that a career in music journalism isn't for me for sure. I interviewed Adam Zegarac of thee tv oh dees. They have a MySpace page, check it out at They're pretty much awesome.

    I guess I listen to a lot of music that people hate me for. It's just whatever. If I like something I'll listen to it. If I don't like it, I won't listen to it. It's one of those take it or leave it things. I can't help that I like how some bands sound. Deal with it.

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    Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
    October 31st
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! It's probably one of my favorite movies. AND GUESS WHAT?! Fall Out Boy did a cover of the song "What's This?" It is.....FREAKING AWESOME!!! I swear, this movie has the best plot. Jack does everything with the best intentions, and even thought they things end up a little twisted, Sally never gives up on him. Now, is there any better plot line out there? I think not.

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    Sunday, October 29th, 2006
    October 29th
    Band-Bashing 101
    Ok, so I just got done reading an interview with Casey and Micah from Hawthorne Heights on Personally, I thought it was a great interview, and it's not just because I like the band. But then I got down to the place where people can leave comments about the interview. After reading about 30+ posts of band-bashing and people bashing the people who are bashing the band (is that complicated or what?), I'm pretty sick of it all.

    People, honestly, if you don't like the band, don't go around assaulting everyone about it. And if you absolutely love the band, don't go around picking fights with people who don't. I do have to give big bonus points to those people who said nice things about Hawthorne Heights as people, even though they hate Hawthorne Height's music. That is what reviewing should be like.

    I'm not saying that you can't say which bands you do or don't like, in fact, you should. Just don't be obnoxious about it. Don't point out only the positives or only the negatives. Keep it balanced. And don't bash on people who have a different opinion from you. That's just egotistical and rude and hateful.

    For example, my review of the interview would have been:
    I really liked this interview. The questions were great, and Micah and Casey seem like nice people. They aren't really the "typical rock stars", and it makes me really want to meet them in person. Hawthorne Heights is one of my favorite bands, but I do have to say that their music can sound sort of repetitive and overrated at times.

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    Saturday, October 28th, 2006
    October 28th
    Mashups (Wow, aren't I great at titles?)
    I have found a new love for the radio, and it is in the form of these things called "mashups" on 92.3 They are what the title says, two songs mashed together. Now, it does sound like the results could be horrid, but they're actually REALLY good and a lot of fun to listen too. It sort of adds a new twist to those old songs you love and a new touch to the songs you hate.

    I also started playing acoustic guitar today. I want to play electric, but I haven't saved up enough to buy one today. I'm sort of glad to start on a guitar with nylon strings, because I don't have calluses on my finger yet. And on a steel stringed guitar, my fingers would have bled. They're already going: "I hate you!", so steel strings would have made them even angrier.

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    Thursday, October 19th, 2006
    October 19th
    Yes, I do like that band!
    And now it's time for a little update from my corner of the universe!

    The other day I was wearing my favorite Hawthorne Heights shirt that I bought from this year's Nintendo Fusion Tour. Anyway, I was wearing it and this kid came up to me and said, "Hawthorne Heights! That band SUCKS!" So I answered, "Well, that's YOUR opinion and it doesn't matter to ME." He just gave me this stupid look and couldn't think of a comeback. So stick that in your juicebox and suck it!!!

    So I have this white binder. And I own a few color Sharpies. So I had a little fun writing lyrics and band names all over the pretty white binder. Now it is even prettier. But the best part is, I wrote Saosin on the back in gigantic bold letters and underlined it in a very thick red line. Believe me, this does have a point other than to illustrate my obsession with music.

    SO ANYWAY, I was walking down the hall inbetween classes, and the same kid that told me Hawthorne Heights sucks ran up to me, poked the back of my binder, and yelled: "SAOSIN!!!" Then he continued running down the hallway and into a classroom. Odd much? I think so.

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    Sunday, October 15th, 2006
    October 15th
    Wow, I haven't been on in awhile!
    I have to make a correction. In my last entry I was talking about Cute Is What We Aim For and Plain White T's sounding alike and thought that it was because they were both from Long Island. Yeah, I sort of got a little confused with some other bands. Plain White T's are from Chicago and I think (don't hold me to this) that Cute Is What We Aim For are from Seattle.
    Also, I bought the Saosin self-titled CD and DVD bonus pack. To put it in short: everyone needs to listen to at least one Saosin song. Everyone. This is some good stuff. I love the song "Bury Your Head," it's probably my favorite Saosin song right now at the moment. Also, the band name is pronounced say-ocean. It's from some Chinese proverb, and pretty much everyone pronounces the name wrong. Learn to say it the right way people!
    The Plain White T's EP entitled Hey There Delilah is also another good addition to your music collection. The EP includes these six tracks: Hey There Delilah (new version), Easy Way Out, Down The Road, Losing Myself, If I Told You, and a live performance of Hey There Delilah recorded at Metro, Chicago 12/27/05. The EP also includes 3 music videos for: Hey There Delilah, Take Me Away, and All That We Needed. Just pop the disk into your computer and alakazam! MUSIC VIDEOS!!!
    All the tracks on the EP are REALLY good. The added strings on "Hey There Delilah" sound great and add extra emotion to an already emotion-filled song. "If I Told You" has a sort of older, possibly Beatles type feel to it. It's awesome.
    But enough ranting, go listen to the music!

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    Sunday, October 8th, 2006
    October 8th
    CIWWAF and PWT's
    After listening to Cute Is What We Aim For a VERY long time, I realized that they sound a lot like Plain White T's. Probably because both bands formed in the Long Island area, so the vocalists have the same accents. Also, both bands are the same genre, pop rock. None the less, I still love both bands.

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    Friday, October 6th, 2006
    October 6th
    Cute IS What We Aim For
    I went to Target looking for the new Saosin CD with the DVD, but apparently you have to buy it at some special store. I don't know, I didn't pay that close attention to the commercial. But the point is that Target has an extremely crappy CD selection. Actually, that wasn't the point. I instead ended up buying the Cute Is What We Aim For CD called "The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch." And let me tell you right now: I love it. I bought it on a shear whim, not really expecting much. Boy oh boy was I wrong. The lyrics are genius, although rather sleazy in some parts. I've definitely learned that the Fueled By Ramen record label knows what they're doing. You just can't go wrong with a band that they've signed. Seriously, they've got Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., This Providence, Cute Is What We Aim For, Paramore, Less Than Jake, Panic! at the Disco, October Fall, and a whole bunch of other bands that have an awesome sound and are achieving success rather quickly for how young the bands are. For being an indie label, Fueled By Ramen is doing REALLY good.

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    Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
    October 4th
    I'm not too sure how much I like this layout. I'll probably change it *again*. And I've yet to decide what I want my journal to be about. My life just doesn't make the cut right now. I'll have to think on it...

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    Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
    October 3rd
    Wow, I just spent an HOUR trying to figure out how to put a layout up. I don't know if it's just me or if this was confusing to anyone else too. Well, some of that hour was spent trying to find a layout that I like. Which took a few tries, but probably only about 15-20 minutes.
    As for everything else about livejournal, it's being classified as a work in progress.

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    Monday, October 2nd, 2006
    October 2nd
    And here goes nothing!
    OK, so this is my first livejournal, and while I do know some HTML and CSS, it's not going to look great for a while. But have no fears, I'm working on it. Don't give up on me yet!
    I'll take you with my heart